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Tom Fitzgerald | Éire


In 2002 I started on a series of works having the general title "Floor-plan of Heaven". They were an attempt to imagine the architecture of heaven, given the New Testament statement, "In my Father's House there are many mansions". The works were generally small in nature and involved mixed media wall pieces and drawings. Some were ephemeral pieces which no longer exist. Given the floor plan terminology, they might possibly be seen as attempts at an archaeology of heaven...

These works ignored possible heavenly construction techniques and, paradoxically, became instead a celebration of the magical properties of matter. Some were irreverent.

What I am doing for Ábhar agus Meon continues this exploration, involving ephemeral works and a large drawing on paper, 220 x 150 cm. The drawing is in the form of a palimpsest constructed by overlaying images from my notebooks, erasing each one as I go along. The paper is then impregnated with beeswax. The final layer consists of a scattering of leaf forms in gold leaf resting on the faint underlying drawings.

Accompanying the drawing will be two other smaller works attached to adjoining pillars. These will consist of bay leaves with silver leaf markings. These particular works will change over time, becoming dessicated and shrivelling slowly. They draw attention to the transient nature of existence, something with which we all empathise, reluctantly perhaps, while we contemplate possible architectural configurations of an eternal celestial home.

Time and weather permitting, I also hope to make a small intervention in the oak grove outside the Health Sciences Gallery. This will take the form of gilding odd leaves in individual trees. It will be a very minimal intervention, probably noticed only by those viewers aware of its presence.


1939 - Born in Limerick
1965-69 - Limerick School of Art & Design
1976-00 - Head of Sculpture, Limerick School of Art and Design
1977 - Founder member of EV+a
2001 - Elected member of Aosdana
2005 - Continues to live and work in Limerick

Solo Exhibitions

2006 A History of Silence, Ashford Gallery, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin

2004 The Ministry of Dust, Limerick City Gallery of Art & Niland Gallery, Sligo

1999 Work from the Nineties, Monaghan Museum.

1998 Other Litanies, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny; Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

1996 Object Histories, Bunratty Folk Park, County Clare.

1995 Ephemeral Lexicon , Project Arts Centre, Dublin; Limerick City Gallery of Art, Alternative Geographies, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

1991 New Works, Riverrun Gallery, Dublin.

1989 Work from the Eighties - Butler Gallery, Kilkenny. (Catalogue)

1988 Acquisitions in Context, Limerick City Gallery of Art

1985 Hendriks Gallery, Dublin.


































Now and Forever (2002) silver leaf on tree turnks and other vegetation - ephemeral drawing instllation in People's Park, EV+a Limerick


Floor-plan of Heaven with Dante and Beatrice (2003)
mixed media on paper, 34 x 27cm


Floor-plan of Heaven series (2003)
lead, gold-leaf and scrim


Land Litany montage (partial view) (2000), Irish Pavillion, EXPO 2000




Ábhar agus Meon, An Séú Comhdháil Dhomhanda Seandálaíochta, Scoil na Seandálaíochta, An Coláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath, BÁC 4, Éire

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Deartha ag iArchitectures (2008).