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Sharonagh Montrose | an Nua-Shéalainn

Long before my practice could ever be classed as a practice it was seeded with wonders and wonderings that still haunt its present discourse. It began, in Ireland, the day I pulled on the thread of the lace that my grandmother was making and wondered where the patterns had gone. That thread created a world, intricate in design, of patterns of line and light, form and space that I unravelled with my meddling fingers. Try as I might, I could not reform it from the tangled material of its existence: I didn't have the language for such execution.

My practice was first sited in a saturated landscape of shifting grey, seen mostly through rainfall and latticed panes of glass, wet and relentlessly indeterminate and ghosted with legends. It was a landscape replete with words, marked onto misted glass, and crows; these latter circulated endlessly from the tall trees that bordered the garden. Mostly they flew in dark chattering clouds across the grey but sometimes, just sometimes, they burst into flashes of white as a random ray of sunlight caught their underbellies. It was a thing of wonder, as wondrous as the misted words that faded beneath the breath and were rewritten in endless permutations: I am here.

And in that landscape I wondered where words went. I thought them reeled onto spindles somewhere at the far reaches of the universe, endlessly circulating.


Room Six (2007)

Room Six is an expression of binary psychosis. It is an architecturally constructed space that utilizes an internal pseudo mathematical language and houses ten rooms within its title. These rooms are named zero to nine and form the basis of all possible composites.

Room Six is a place of composites, of images that form and reform in endless permutations. They reside in the heart of binary language and take their expression from the ones and zeros that inform that language. Yet they defy determinism and call on Wonder as creative force within an architecture of locatable co-ordinates.

Room Six arose from miss-hearing in a search for a sense of Purgatory. It is a transubstantiation station, crowded with ephemeral passengers passing through countless connections to unknown destinations.It is also a river into which one can never step twice “for the river is forever moving on.”

-Sharonagh Montrose, May 2008


































Ábhar agus Meon, An Séú Comhdháil Dhomhanda Seandálaíochta, Scoil na Seandálaíochta, An Coláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath, BÁC 4, Éire

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Deartha ag iArchitectures (2008).