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Adam Burthom | Ireland


























Lough Arrowe, 2006, turf on paper, 61 x 183cm





Ábhar agus Meon, Sixth World Archaeological Congress, School of Archaeology, University College Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland
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Designed by iArchitectures (2008).

Bogland Book, 2007
mixed media, 30 x 28 x 6cm

Wordless history, 2007
turf, canvas and linen

The artwork which I am currently showing is the outcome of a process of interaction with the wild landscape of the mountain bogland of Carrowkeel, County Sligo. With its limestone rocks, ancient heather clad turf banks, megalithic traces of past human activity and resident plants and animals, it is far removed from the corridors of modern human activity.

By utilising the materials of nature I seek to become involved in the living memory of the land. To respond to the environment as a participant in a process set in motion and guided by intuition to follow a natural course.

Once initiated, the life of the artwork continues indefinitely. The forces of nature constantly act to affect the state of the work towards a gradual return to disorganised matter. I encourage the involvement of organic processes in the constant alteration of materials.

The work built up as an archive of gestures and responses accumulates a charge and, when placed in a contrasting context becomes a transmitter conveying a sense of bringing the outside to the inside.

In the process of my involvement with the environment, I look to what is happening at the periphery of the activity, the point outside of conscious control where there is the possibility of a convergence of nature and the intellect.


Earth memory, 2007
turf print, 30 x 30cm